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    We Took Our Profession
    As Our Passion
    Our goal is to give our patients excellent dental care
    at affordable prices with a personal client service that keep our clients smiling.
    US Certified professionals specialized in all dentistry specialties.
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    We are Changing People's Life!
    Dental Implants
    What is life changing to you?
    We help you to get your smile back...
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    Save over 50% in dental treatments
    Smile with Confidence
    Everyone deserves a great smile and our friendly staff are here to help you!
    Request an appointment. One of our representatives will guide you.

You can trust Pura Vida Medical Services

We believe you deserve the best high-quality service, at an affordable price.

Dental tourism is gaining popularity as costs increase. Costa Rica dental prices are so much affordable, while quality remains very high. Costa Rica dental cost efficiency makes its destination popular for all Americans as well as vacationers from all over the world.

Hotel Booking

We offer different hotels for your confort.

Medical Appointment

Get a free consultation and set up your doctor's appointment at your earliest convenience.


Our service includes your transportation.

Client Service

We are so glad to help you with your inquieries to attend your needs at PURAVIDA MEDICAL®.

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Our Company

Special Features

Helping your dental needs at a lower cost with high efficient technology and customer service.

How do We Work?

We book an appointment to follow up your case. We focus in help your smile to shine. Our customer service will walk you throught all the process which is very easy. Then we made arragements of your visit, medical session(s), hotel, transportation, tours and more.


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Client's Testimonials

These are some patients testimonials. Enjoy us and get all the benefits of a lower cost with high technology and guarantee..

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