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Who We Are?

We are a specialist Medical Tourism Dental, esthetic surgery and Elderly Care that enhances your experience providing great medical care using FDA approved products at an affordable price.

Welcome To Pura Vida Medical

Just two words (Pura Vida!) to express how good you feel about life. "Pura Vida!" it's a well-known slang in Costa Rica to describe best wishes to someone else.

Pura Vida Medical® was formed in Costa Rica as an initiative Healthcare in the Dentistry, Estethic & Tourism Sector.

We pride ourselves in providing the best care for our clients and to ensure this, we will be by your side from the moment you touch down in Costa Rica until your departure. Ensuring the service you receive is second to none. We are an All-Inclusive Medical Tourism Service Company. Proving you the right tools at an affordable price.

Our Company

Special Features

Helping your dental needs at a lower cost with high efficient technology and customer service.

We Offer You The Best

We guarantee our services delivering high quality at an affordable price

Our team at Pura Vida Medical® will help you to ensure access to the dental care you need. We provide a full range of dental care services including implants, cleanings and exams, procedures, and orthodontics.

  • We apply an insurance policy for your confort and satisfaction.
  • Insurance Policy
  • If you are visiting or get our All-Inclusive Package. Scanning and Xrays are included.
  • Scaning Center
  • Further more any examination for medical assurance of treatment are included in our services.
  • Laboratory
  • Our Client Service Department, will walk you throughout the entire process.
  • As our patient you have access to our Backend System.
  • All trasportation and hotel accommodation are included in our All-Inclusive Package
  • Patient Support

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