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All On Four Implants

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All on Four Implants at Pura Vida Medical in Costa Rica

All on Four Procedure

A dental implant is a metal "screw" that is placed in the jawbone. Over time, the implant fuses with the bone (a process called osseointegration), acting as a tooth root, and providing solid and stable support for a crown, or "false tooth," to be attached.

A dental implant is a post made of a special material (titanium is the most recommended dental implant material) that is biocompatible with bone. It is inserted into your jawbone through minor dental surgery. This surgery is usually ambulatory and done using local anesthesia. Conscious IV sedation from a licensed anesthesiologist is also available at the leading clinics. However, a potential patient will need to meet with the dentist to determine if he or she is a good candidate for the procedure or if there are some considerations that will require some extra preparation — for example, abnormal bleeding or diabetes. After the dental implant placement surgery, you will need to wait typically between 4 to 6 months before returning for the stage two treatment. During this time, the implant will fuse with the bone and, in a sense, become part of it. Once the fusion is complete, the implant will have the same strength and stability as a natural tooth. The dental implants will act as anchors, forming a strong foundation for a new set of teeth.

After a recommended 6-month healing period, the patient returns for a second procedure that exposes the top of the implants, allowing the dental bridge, fixed denture or permanent prosthesis to be attached to the implants.

All on Four Detail-treatment

In All-on-4's, the four dental implants are placed in the jaw at an angle, rather than straight, as with a normal dental implant. A bridge is then affixed to the implants, locking them together. The two rear implants tend to be longer for All-on-4's, inserted into the jaw at a 45-degree rather than the 90-degree angle that traditional implants are placed, which often negates the need for bone-grafting. This technique is a suitable solution for many patients who previously could not have implants due to bone loss.

An All-on-4 is a solution based on the same principle as a dental implant, except that it uses 4 implants instead of one. (And, as you’ve probably guessed, an All-on-6 solution uses 6 implants per jaw. An All-on-8 procedure will use 8 dental implants per arch.) Once these implants are fused, a fixed denture or permanent bridge (porcelain fused to metal or zirconium is recommended) is placed and attached to the implants, providing the patient with a full arch of beautiful, new, functional teeth.

After the All on 4 dental implants procedure is complete, very little specialized care is needed. The fixed denture is firmly attached, and your new teeth can be brushed as if they were natural teeth. Your new implant-based solution works and looks like natural teeth, too. So, you’ll be able to smile, laugh and eat with comfort. Everyone will be amazed at how beautiful your new teeth will look. The best part is that they will look and even feel like natural teeth to you.

Are All-on-4's a Suitable Treatment for Dental Tourism?

All-on-4's are a good option for dental tourists. The primary reason most patients cross borders for their treatment is affordability – savings of 50-70% are not to be sniffed at.

For some people who have already been wearing full dentures and do not require teeth removed, All-on-4's can be fitted in one day, and the cost and inconvenience of a return trip may not be required.