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Usually a week, the lab needs a couple of business days to process and fabricate prosthetics. We also like to have a backup day at the end of the week to allow adjustments. Some products like dentures and partials require several try ins, which extends the lab process.

After the implant is surgically placed on your jawbone, bone cells grow around its threads and after several months harden into bone. This process is called osseointegration and it is necessary before the final crown placement. Loading the implant immediately can endanger the success of the implant.

Same-day implants are not recommendable in dental tourism. The main reason is that they require frequent checkups to make sure the integration process is occurring normally. These checkup visits are generally not possible because the patient leaves the country. Also, same-day implants don’t mean the patient gets a final, permanent crown on surgery day or that they do not have to ever come back. Patients must leave with a temporary abutment and crown only to replace these for permanents five months later.

Yes. We can help you. We have our All-Inclusive Service at your disposition, with hotel accommodation. Due to our partnership, our front desk staff can make reservations that include transportation from airport-hotel-clinic and vice versa. We leave patients to arrange their airfare so they can more easily adjust their schedule and get the best deal they can get.

We work with MegaGen implants, because of its quality and safety. But we also do any brand distributed in the United States as long as you provide the implant specifications before your visit. The information required is the brand, size, and model.

We recommend patients to schedule their appointments at least two weeks in advance to make all the necessary arrangements for your accommodation and doctor appointments.

We accept all major debit cards, including American Express. We also accept cash (USD), Wire Transfers AND Cheks.

We are in the process to do so. However, once the treatment is completed, we can fill out the claim forms so you can then submit them to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

AAt the moment, we are unable to offer any financing or credit options. But we are currently integrating a Financing System at the end of 2020 to help you with this particular service./p>